Hello and Welcome!

What are Microsoft Points for?
They will help you achive things that are payable in Microsoft Store. With that I am thinking about
a lot of things that your probablly know it yourself. But here we are again. You have to pay for it.
I know we are living in the bad times now so I will make your life much easier with that I will tell you in a second!
I hope you are prepeared for that!

What if I tell you that you can get Microsoft Points for FREE? What would be your first reaction? I think you would be suprised.
Are you? Yes you are, I know I am thinking in the righ way. So yes you can get them for FREE.
But we have arrieved almost to the end. In order to recieve your digits you will have to complete one
of the short so called "offers". Don't vory about that! This are just few questions that will ask you for personal details.
The good part here is that you DON'T have to use YOUR REAL details. You can just made something UP.

Just decide wich code you'd like and click on the "Availeble" button!
NOTE: But make sure it says "Available" undet the code otherwise it means all the codes has been taken!